Four Things To Remember During Summer

It is going to be Summer for nearly half the world and if you happen to be in a country where you will be enjoying the warm weather and sunny skies, then you might want to take a look at a few things you might have to remember.

Stay hydrated

During Summer, because of the warmth it is more than likely that your body will lose more water during the day because you perspire more due to the heat. Therefore it is vital that you keep your body well hydrated by consuming ore liquids during the day. If you think sipping on water is too boring then instead of drinking soda or other fizzy drinks, try to have smoothies and juices which would both keep you hydrated and provide you with important nutrients.

Avoid too much sunlight

As much as a nice golden tan looks great on your body, basking under the sun has more drawbacks then benefits. Sunlight contains Ultraviolet light or UV light for short. Over exposure to this light not only puts you at danger of developing skin cancer but it also ages your skin and can cause server health problems.

Therefore if you are planning to head to the beach during your summer vacation and just bask in the sunlight all day long, change your plans. When the sun is at its harshest instead of going and burning your skin, wear sunscreen, settle down underneath your beach umbrella with a nice cold drink and just enjoy the view.

Dress in light fabrics

Dark clothes tend to absorb more UV rays than light coloured clothes of the same material. Thicker clothes also have the same problem. Therefore make it a point to wear light fabrics during Summer. Light, thin materials that allow air to circulate also ensure that sweat would evaporate instead of clinging to your clothes. This is important as when sweat stays on clothes it can be uncomfortable and you would feel sluggish.

Seek shade

Always seek shade when you are out in public. You can carry an umbrella or if you are out and about in the market you can stay underneath a 13 foot market umbrella. This way your sun would not be exposed to the sun too much.If you wish to make the most of Summer, you need to learn to incorporate the above into your routine. Remember to do them so that your skin and your health will not be compromised.

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