Month: January 2019

You will probably spend more time on your desk or study than on the toilet or kitchen. And this is a crucial place where you need to have an intensive review for an upcoming major exams, or finish and polish all the work that is needed by your boss ASAP. Therefore, it is only imperative for your workspace to be pleasant and stimulating. What we mean: decorating it, yes. Here are some of our tips for making your desk a lively area for creativity and work (or study).


If you need to organize your items, like the documents or your reference books, one way to do it is by assigning colors. Especially for files in folders or envelopes. You can have yellow envelopes for files that are constantly being replaced, or black for recyclable papers. It’s up to you. Not only does it look colorful, it is also very convenient to access. On the other hand, you can have a theme color on your workspace. Say if you are fond of the color blue, populate it with blue items, like blue sharpener, blue pens, blue pushpins, blue pencil holders, and so on. You can even match your desktop wallpaper with this. Now it’s more engaging to be at your workspace!

Include your personality

We sure do get a little burnout in front of our desk from time to time. Managing all of your tasks can be pretty exhausting. That’s why you should put something that can lift your spirits up. And what better way than to add a dose of your personality into it to make it more intimate and comfy.If it is a cubicle take advantage of the enclosing walls to include some framed artworks or in whiteboards online for inspirational quote of the day, if you are into that. How about the picture of your family or favorite pet? Maybe a cute doll given by an important person will match the pencil holder.Or perhaps, a Rubik’s cube that relieves your stress? Sprinkle a personal touch to your office or study table by including elements that are important to you and can be very motivating. It’s not a crime. If you need to inspire yourself, this way is accepted. And it works, while you do your job.


Why not kick it up a notch by having very stylish organizers personally crafted by you? There are many tutorials on the internet on how to create drawers out of cardboards or making customized calendars on your art-filled cork boards in Australia. You get to choose the style that will suit your workspace concept scheme if you have! Like for instance, an astronaut-themed desk could have rocket-style holders. Or a filer with planets and stars.All it takes is an idea and also a little help from YouTube on how to decorate fantastic office items out of household materials. Neat and economical, right?One most important tip we can probably give you is to make your workplace more you. You are convenient with yourself, so if you can, put some personality into it. This way, you’d get to enjoy working in your desk, reducing the stress and exhaustion you normally get. Plus, it’s fun to be creative.